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Outsourced accounting for your business



Running your business finances in the cloud, through software such as Xero rather than traditional desktop software or using excel, opens the opportunity for a far more collaborative approach to managing the finance function of your business


No longer do you need to manage all of the finances yourself, taking valuable time away from running your business.


Outsourced Accounting Services

At CKLG we utilise the power of cloud based systems, such as Xero, which we have specialised in for many years.  This allows us to support you



If inputting data and bookkeeping is taking up your time, and is not your area of expertise, then CKLG can manage this for you and help implement the processes to keep the bookkeeping accurate and up to date, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Complying with HMRC tax rules and filing deadlines can be complex, and the rules constantly change.


all require regular, accurate filings with HMRC. 

CKLG can manage any, and all, of your tax filings giving you the peace of mind that they have been taken care of by your dedicated support team. 


You can focus on your business knowing CKLG are supporting you.


Our flexible approach means that services can be adapted to your changing needs.  You may decide that you can manage bookkeeping when the business is a start up but as it grows the process is taking too much of your valuable time. 


We can adapt our service to manage this aspect of the finance function of your business. 


The complexities of running Payroll may not be your specialism and so our payroll experts can manage the whole process smoothly for you.


Give yourself back more time and stop worrying about your finance function and taxes contact us