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Reaching out to individuals affected by Covid-19


Private Client

We’re all grappling with the new norm, life as we once knew it has changed exponentially – we’re embracing new technology, flexible working and our children’s homework.  We may also be quietly worrying about financial matters. 


The government have announced a number of measures to help individuals during this challenging time.  


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Non-UK Residents:


Non-UK residents should count the number of days spent here in the UK, every tax year, to ensure there is no liability to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax on worldwide income.  Fortunately HMRC have recently updated their ‘Statutory Residence Test’ guidance for days spent here due to exceptional circumstances, beyond your control, to take account of Coronavirus. 


If you find yourself here as a result of being quarantined or by self-isolating, are advised by the government not to travel or are unable to leave as a result of closures of international borders, these additional periods of time may be regarded as exceptional.  The same will apply if you are asked to return temporarily to the UK by your employer. 


Please note that the maximum number of days spent in the UK on one trip, or several trips in any tax year, that can be ignored due to exceptional circumstances is 60.  


You must keep a record of all the days you spend here in the UK every tax year.  If you complete UK Tax Returns, this information will be required to complete the  ‘Residence, remittance basis etc.’ supplementary page to support your Tax Return. 


All CKLG advisers are working from home and are keeping in touch with clients, contacts and colleagues by using the latest technology such as Zoom, WhatsApp and by phone.  Please do call us on 01223 810 100 for support